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Magic Relationship Words That Work

Here's a great communication trick you can try to help improve communication and create a closer and more connected relationship...

It's the idea of using "Magic Relationship Words" to draw the two of you closer, build or rebuild trust, stop jealousy and much more.

There are a lot of different ways you can use this idea and in a moment, we're going to give you an example of what these "magic words" are and how to use them.

But, before we give you that example...

We want to let you know that tomorrow night (Wednesday) May 6th at 9 PM Eastern Time and 6PM Pacific time we're going to be doing special 60 to 70 minute web audio cast and teleseminar about these "magic words."

You can either call in by phone, listen by computer, or if you can't be there live, you can download or listen to the audio at a later time.

We're going to give you as many of these "magic relationship words" phrases and sentence starters in that hour as we possibly can so you can start using and applying them in your relationship to make it better.

And here's some good news...

These "magic words" are much easier to create and use than you might think and if you haven't signed up to get this new info from us, you can do that here...
Magic Relationship Words

So, what about the example we promised you?

Here it is...

"I know it's not your intention... but this is how I feel when you say or do___________________?"

You can use these magic words when you're in the uncomfortable and often scary position of trying to tell
your partner or anyone how you felt when he or she said or did something that didn't feel good to you.

The powerful key words here are "I know it's not your intention?"

When you use this phrase, you are giving the other person the benefit of the doubt because the truth is you don't
really know what another person's intention is for what he or she says or does.

You can guess and make up stories but when you're in a relationship with and you're trying to communicate with
someone else--you don't really know.

When you use this phrase, you are avoiding putting him or her on the defensive at the onset of the discussion. Because when one person goes on the defensive, there is no communication.

There's either an argument or one or both people withdraw from each other and no communication happens.

If you use this phrase "I know it's not your intention," you are saying that even though I was hurt (or whatever your feeling was), I know that you weren't trying to hurt me. You get to say what you need to say and there's a greater chance that the other person will stay open to listening to you if they don't feel attacked.

You are simply offering information and an opportunity for understanding.

Here's an example of it in action?

Joanie felt excluded when she and her partner Sam were in social situations and he focused his conversation and attention on another person, especially another woman.

At those times, she didn't feel like she was good enough, smart enough and not important to him.

Here's what Joanie told Sam before the next party they were invited to?

"I know that it's not your intention but I feel left out sometimes when we go to parties and I walk up when you're talking to someone else and I'm not included in the conversation."

Although Sam became a little defensive, he was still open to listening to what she had to say because she had first acknowledged that he hadn't meant to exclude her.

And he really hadn't meant to exclude her.

It was important to Sam that he felt that Joanie wasn't "blaming" him--so when she told him that she really didn't
think it was his intention to exclude her, he could relax and listen to what she had to say.

She then said?

"The next time this happens, would you include me in some way--put your arm around me or maybe just tell me a little of what the two of you have been talking about so I can join in? Does any of that feel like you could do it or do you have some other ideas? Maybe we can try some at this next party."

This is a sample of one of many magic relationship words, phrases and sentence starters we'll be sharing with you in our webcast and teleseminar to help you rebuild trust and improve your communication and connection.

So we invite you to join us tomorrow (Wednesday) evening May 6th and find out how you can create a
little more ease in your relationship and life.

To sign up...go here
Magic Relationship Words


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Hi Susie and Otto,
Little by little I beggin to understand how important to have a of proper communication in order for you to have a good relationship that possibly would last forever.

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