April 21, 2014

How to Hypnotize Your Guy's Heart...

HHHcover100.jpg Hi it's Susie and Otto Collins and we've just released a brand new program for women called "Hypnotize His Heart" that is absolutely phenomenal......

If you're a woman and you want to inspire a man's total love and devotion for you...

NOTHING is more important than knowing how to "Hypnotize His Heart."

When you "Hypnotize His Heart" he's powerless to resist you and your love.

He wants you, desires you and wants to communicate and connect with you.

When you truly Hypnotize a Man's Heart, he sees you as his one true love and
other women become almost invisible to him.

If you're a woman, you want to feel his love, his presence and his masculine
heart that beats only for you.

Every woman should know how to hypnotize her man's heart but the sad fact is that very few do.

That's why we created this new program and why you need to get it now.

April 18, 2014

It's happening tomorrow...

Playful-Passionate-300x250.jpg To support you in experiencing loving relationships and your best life, we are taking part in an extraordinary free video virtual event called Playful Passionate You and our interview airs tomorrow.

It’s hosted by our friend, award winning author, Sherri Nickols and it’s an event you don’t want to miss.

Sherri’s interviewed leading experts who will teach you how to clear through blocks and discover authentic happiness in every aspect of your life.

In our interview Sherri asked us some specific questions about how you can up level your life for more love, passion, and playfulness. This video is not to be missed!

We'’ll be offering strategies and tips on how to communicate successfully in relationships for more love and fun.

Register now to catch our video interview. It will broadcast tomorrow, so register today to reserve your spot.

Discover Authentic Happiness Now! Register today for the Playful Passionate You Video Event

If you want more from life… if you believe in your dreams… if you’re ready for passion, fun and fulfillment…

This is for you!

Reserve your complimentary ticket now! It’s all happening now. Choose A Playful & Passionate Life!

April 11, 2014

The Secrets to a Playful, Passionate Life...

woman light her up cropped sm.jpgDid you know that according to recent research, more than 67% of the people living on this planet are unhappy?

If you aren’t living a life you LOVE with passion and fun, don’t settle!

If you don’t feel totally fulfilled and happy or if you aren’t in a committed relationship with your soul mate and best friend – there’s something wrong with this picture, wouldn’t you agree?

If you are nodding your head with a resounding “Yes”, then we have something exciting to share with you.

Claim your FREE ticket to the Playful, Passionate YOU! Video Virtual Event here

Our friend, award-winning author, Sherri Nickols is hosting an extraordinary free video virtual event with leading experts that will teach you how to clear through blocks and discover authentic happiness in every aspect of your life.

If you feel like there’s a gap between your dream life (where you’re deeply loved, happy and fulfilled) and your current reality, this online event is the bridge.

Starting next week....April 16th we, along with over twenty of the world’s leading Love, Health, Intimacy, and Empowerment experts are coming together through this video virtual event to teach you the proven techniques -that they’ve used themselves- to experience a rewarding life of passion, love, and fun.

All of us teachers in the Passionate Playful You Virtual video Summit will reveal the exact steps we've taken to achieve success and show you how you can manifest your desires by using these same principles.

It’s easy to create a life you love once you learn the steps to take. And that’s what this summit will do…

…Reveal the clear path to take toward your dream life!

It’s about time that someone finally unlocked the secrets for how to live the good life!

Discover Authentic Happiness Now!

We (Susie and Otto Collins) are going to be interviewed alongside the very best of the best, including Marci Shimoff (featured in the popular book, The Secret), Dr. John Gray, Arielle Ford, Mary Morrissey and so many more!

The Playful Passionate You Virtual Video Event will enlighten, inspire, and empower you to launch into your best life. Get ready to learn how to manifest your desires.

Register now to Empower Your Dream!

Sherri used powerful manifestation techniques to unleash her magnificent life --after the age of 40! This experience so transformed her, that she’s made it her mission to help you (and thousands of other women throughout the world) do the same.

This kind of authentic happiness, deep love, and positive mojo is possible for anyone, at any age, in any stage of life.

You can empower your life.

Reserve your complimentary ticket now to this virtual video summit!

Choose A Playful & Passionate Life!

April 04, 2014

4 Tips When You're Caught in a "Not-So-You" Embarrassing Love Moment

fearsm.jpg Ever said or done something that turned into a "not-so-you" embarrassing love moment?

We ALL have (and yes we're raising our hands here too)...

So, what exactly are we talking about when we use the terms "embarrassing" or "not-so-you" love moments?

It's a moment where you might normally be kind and loving but you say or do something that certainly doesn't come off that way...

It could be that you were harsh or critical about someone you love behind their back, they find out about it and then because you value your love (or friendship), you've got some explaining to do...

If you're a woman, it might be the way you say NO to his desires to have some fun in the bedroom when you might ordinarily say YES...

If you're a man, it could be a sudden "performance issue" in the bedroom...

It could be agreeing to do something you didn't really want to do (and getting upset about it later)...

You get the idea...

An embarrassing or "not-so-you" love moment could be anything where you're simply not acting or reacting in a way that would be the most loving, kind or connecting way or not the way things would normally be for you.

So, what do you do in moments like these to bring some sanity to situation that could lead to an even bigger mess or require some even fancier dancing to get out of?

Here are some very simple love ideas that we think you'll find helpful in many situations...

And while we're thinking about it--the tragedy for many women and men who come to us for our one-on-one "Relationship Reverse" love coaching by telephone and skype is that the sometimes VERY difficult situations they
find themselves in could have (in many cases) been avoided if they had done some of the things we're about to share with you earlier...

So here are a few pointers about how to deal with situations like this...

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March 27, 2014

Could Gwyneth Paltrow's breakup have been avoided?

brokenheart.jpg According to a Washington Post article, Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly uses the term "conscious uncoupling" to describe her breakup with Chris Martin.

The term is coined by Los Angeles therapist and author Katherine Woodward Thomas to describe how “to create a map for a couple to consciously complete a relationship — to have an honorable ending.”

While we are all for the "conscious uncoupling" idea, we are even more in favor of creating a map for consciously living every day in a relationship!

How much pain and heartache could be by-passed if couples would only begin their relationship by consciously creating it!

Whether you're single right now, starting a new relationship or you've been with your partner for many years, we invite you to start today consciously creating it.

Here are 3 ways for you to begin doing that...

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March 21, 2014

3 Tips for Communicating and Connecting With Your Partner

LovingCouple250.jpg Sometimes it's not just what you say but how you say it...

Hi--It's Susie and Otto and today, we have three great communication tips and a recommendation for you if you
want to get really good at communicating and connecting with your spouse or partner...

So when it comes to communication...

Here's a question for you...

Have you ever wished you had the right words to say that would immediately and instantly open your partner's heart to you?

Have you ever wanted to know not just the right words but how to say them that would totally eliminate any walls, distance between the two of you?

Here are 3 secrets to communicating in ways that create more closeness and connection between you and your partner...

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March 16, 2014

When you feel ignored by your partner--Here's what to do...

coupledistant150.jpg When you don't feel very important to your partner anymore and it's driving you crazy, you can end up saying and doing all kinds of things that just make your partner pull even further away from you.

Whether your partner believes that he or she is guilty of ignoring you is irrelevant because in most instances, feeling ignored is all in the eye of the beholder.

Here's how one woman describes her problem with her partner's actions...

"I met my boyfriend at the ballroom dancing and my biggest frustration is that when we go dancing now, he spends most of his time talking to women and he ignores me completely.

"He keeps on saying that he loves me but he is not interested anymore in dancing and he would rather socialize. How can I stay with him and not react and create fights over this matter.

"I would like to have joy and energy when I go dancing, rather than being frustrated, jealous and angry with him and then we fight."

When you feel ignored, no amount of logic and explanation can make it better.

And you can still be jealous and feel ignored even though your partner feels he or she is giving you lots of attention.

So what do you do if you're feeling ignored by your partner and your jealousy causes you to start fights which threaten to ruin your relationship?

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Susie & Otto Collins


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